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Paul Sabu

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Paul Sabu

Paul Sabu photo 2007

Paul Sabu Biography

Singer + guitarist & songwriter Paul Sabu was born on January 2, 1957; he didn't pick up the guitar until the age of fifteen but by seventeen Sabu was sneaking in local clubs and bars in his native Southern California, USA. He has produced, mixed, written songs and performed with such artists as Alice Cooper, David Bowie, Motels, John Waite, Robbie Neville and has been credited with production on 14 platinum and 11 gold records.

Paul Sabu began the journey to his recording career at nineteen with his band simply named Sabu which included keyboardist Steffen Presley, bassist Rick Bozzo and drummer Dan Holmes; in 1979 they recorded an eponymous album for MCA Records which contained the hit "Rock Me Slowly" and followed it up with another self-titled LP which included the Disco-Rock staple "Rockin' Rollin' Disco King".

In 1985 he released "Heartbreak". Sabu's much sought-after albums still hold his reputation true as Album Oriented Rock king.

In the mid-'90s Paul Sabu released two albums as a solo artist, "Paul Sabu" and "In Dreams".

In November 2005, the fans of Kerrang magazine have voted Paul Sabu as their second favorite AOR vocalist of all time.

His latest album entitled "Strange Messiah" was issued on AOR Heaven label in August 2007.


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Paul Sabu pictures:

  • Paul Sabu and his band late 70s Paul Sabu and his band late 70s
    The band line-up late-'70s, LtoR: Steffen Presley, Paul Sabu, Rick Bozzo, Dan Holmes