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Peeping Tom

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Peeping Tom's Mike Patton

Peeping Tom's Mike Patton photo 2006

Peeping Tom Biography

Since Faith No More's demise in 1998, singer & producer Mike Patton, has focused most of his attention to his more experimental projects.
In keeping with the landmark 1960 psychological horror film that inspired its name, Peeping Tom had its genesis as a modus operandi devoid of physical intimacy.

The 11-track opus, released in May 2006 on Patton's own Ipecac Recordings label, featured a lengthy and incongruous cast of guest performers; for instance the first single from the self-titled record, "Mojo", was accompanied by a music video featuring appearances by Danny Devito, Blink-182's Mark Hoppus as well as the acclaimed San Francisco-based producer Dan 'The Automator' Nakamura. The album reached #103 on The Billboard 200 and hit #3 on the Top Independent Albums while "Mojo" climbed into the top 40 of The Hot Modern Rock Tracks.


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Peeping Tom pictures:

  • Peeping Tom 2006 Peeping Tom 2006
    Group shot 2006

Peeping Tom (2006)

Peeping Tom self-titled album
1. Five Seconds
2. Mojo
3. Don't Even Trip
4. Getaway
5. Your Neighborhood Spaceman
6. Kill The DJ
7. Caipirinha
8. Celebrity Death Match
9. How U Feelin?
10. Sucker
11. We're Not Alone [remix]
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