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Pendulum photo 2008

Pendulum Biography

Pendulum formed in their hometown of Perth, AUSTRALIA in 2002, when producers Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen teamed up with acclaimed local DJ Paul 'El Hornet' Harding. Their individual formative roots ranged from producing Drum 'n' Bass and Breakbeat to playing in Metal and Punk bands.

After selling more than 100,000 units of their debut artist album "Hold Your Colour", released in July 2005 through the London based Breakbeat Kaos, whilst continuing to tour the world over as DJs, Pendulum decided that was finally time to take things to the next level, performing live.

2008 saw the long awaited debut on Australia's East Coast of Pendulum's full live band which consisted of Swire on vocals + synths, McGrillen on bass and DJ 'El Hornet' plus three new members: hypeman Ben Mount -- AKA MC Verse --, guitarist Perry ap Gwynedd and drummer Paul Kodish.
In May the band churned out "In Silico", their first album for Warner Bros. Records via the band's Ear Storm imprint, it featured the Australian Rock Radio hit "Granite" and a second single, "Propane Nightmares", which eventually catapulted into the U.K. top 10, whilst gliding into the top 40 of the U.S. Modern Rock Tracks. "In Silico", which went on to sell in excess of one million copies worlwide, debuted at #2 on the Official U.K. Albums chart, climbed within the top 10 in their native country and reached the #16 spot on the U.S. Top Electronic Albums list.

After a small change in the line-up, Kodish was replaced by new drummer Kevin Joseph Sawka, the group returned to the studio to cut "Immersion"; preceded by the U.K. top 5 smash single "Watercolour", the album arrived in May 2010 rocketing straight to #1 in U.K. and into the top 3 in Australia.


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Pendulum pictures:

  • Pendulum band lineup 2005 Pendulum band lineup 2005
    The band line-up 2005

Hold Your Colour (2005)

Hold Your Colour
1. prelude
2. Slam
3. Plastic World
4. Fasten Your Seatbelt
5. Through The Loop
6. Sounds Of Life
7. Girl In The Fire
8. Tarantula
9. Out Here
10. Hold Your Colour
11. The Terminal
12. Streamline
13. Another Planet
14. Still Grey

In Silico (2008)

In Silico
1. Showdown
2. Different
3. Propane Nightmares
4. Visions
5. Midnight Runner
6. The Other Side
7. Mutiny
8. 9,000 Miles
9. Granite
10. The Tempest

Immersion (2010)

1. Genesis
2. Salt In The Wounds
3. Watercolour
4. Set Me On Fire
5. Crush
6. Under The Waves
7. Immunize
8. The Island - Pt. I Dawn
9. The Island - Pt. II Dusk
10. Comprachicos
11. The Vulture
12. Witchcraft
13. Self Vs Self
14. The Fountain
15. Encoder
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