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Pennywise Biography

This Punk-Rock band was formed in 1988, in Hermosa Beach, California USA, by lead singer Jim Lindberg, guitarist Fletcher Dragge, bass player Jason Thirsk and drummer Byron McMackin.

A year later the group released their debut EP, "A Word From The Wise", on Theologian Records; the set had a positive impact on the nascent West Coast Punk scene.
The quartet signed a new deal with Epitaph Records for their eponymous 1991 debut full-length album; but soon after, Lindberg left the group to settle down and marry, Thirsk switched to vocal duties and Randy Bradbury was added on bass.

Lindberg re-joined Pennywise midway through the recording of the follow-up to the self-titled effort. Heavily touring to support the album the band sold a few hundred thousand copies of "Unknown Road", upon its release, in 1993.

Two years later, in the summer of 1995, the band issued "About Time", which entered The Billboard Top 200 Albums chart at #96.

While the recording sessions for the next album, "Full Circle", were still taking place, on July 29, 1996, Jason Thirsk committed suicide after a drinking binge. The remaining members decided to continue, re-adding Randy Bradbury as a permanent member. The band's fourth album was completed and finally released in April 1997; it reached the #79 position on The Billboard 200 but "Society", the sole single from the album, failed to breach the Rock airplay chart.

Two years later, "Straight Ahead", peaked at #62 in U.S. and cracked the top 20 of the Canadian Albums charts powered by the band's first Modern Rock top 40 hit single, "Alien".

In late 2000, Pennywise released the concert album "Live At The Key Club" and followed up, the next year, with the studio-CD "Land Of The Free?", which hit #2 on the Top Independent Albums chart and reached #67 on The Billboard 200 list; the first single, "Fuck Authority", made it into the top 40 of The Modern Rock Tracks and was followed by the minor hit "Divine Intervention".

"From The Ashes", the band's seventh incendiary full-length disc of all-new-material, was issued in September of 2003 and became their highest charting album of their career on The Billboard 200 with a peak of #54. It contained three singles, "Yesterdays", "Waiting" and "God Save The USA", but neither charted.

Preceded by the the alt-Rock radio single "Disconnect", Pennywise's next outing, "The Fuse", arrived in August 2005 going straight into the top 10 of the U.S. Independent Albums chart and reached #78 on The Billboard Top 200 list.

The notorious Southern California foursome resurfaced in March 2008 with "Reason To Believe"; the album was made available for free download via MySpace.com, soon after it was distributed by MySpace Records in U.S. and Epitaph in Europe. The disc made it only to the #98 niche on the American Billboard Top 200 chart, however the lead-off single, "The Western World", went a bit beyond the top 20 of The Hot Modern Rock chart at career-best peak of #22. The album produced two more minor hits with "Die For You" and "One Reason".
Frontman and the band's co-founder Jim Lindberg shocked the Punk-Rock world in August 2009 by announcing that he was leaving the long-running Hermosa Beach outfit.

After months of searching, the remaining members announced Zoli Téglás, a long time friend and tour mate, as the band's official frontman. The newly energized line-up made its recording debut with "All Or Nothing"; the album was released in May 2012, via longtime Pennywise allies Epitaph Records. The band selected the title-track as the first single off their tenth studio set which hit #10 on the Top Independent Albums chart and reached #76 on The Billboard 200.


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