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Pilate band

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Pilate Biography

The Alternative-Rock act Pilate formed in 1999 in Toronto, CANADA, by New Zealand native singer + pianist & lyricist Todd Clark; he placed an ad online for a bassist and found Ontario College of Art and Design student Ruby Bumrah; Bumrah recruited guitarist Chris Greenough, who in turn recruited drummer Bill Keeley when the band's original drummer left.

An indie six-song EP titled "For All That's Given Wasted" helped establish their sweeping, epic sound and the group developed a fervent cult following on the Toronto area club circuit.
By 2002, MapleMusic Recordings had honed in on their talents and signed on to release what would become their debut full-length CD, "Caught By The Window", which arrived on shelves in September 2003; Pilate took off, evolving from a Toronto cult secret to a Canada-wide threat and then embarked on tours in Japan and Australia.

In April 2006 the foursome issued their sophomore album, "Sell Control For Life's Speed", which spawned a top 20 hit in Canada with the explosive "Barely Listening".

Not long after they signed a recording contract with U.S. well-known label Wind-Up Records, but "Sell Control For Life's Speed" was retitled "Into The West" and Pilate changed its name to Pilot Speed.


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Caught By The Window (2003)

Caught By The Window
1. Endgame
2. Melt Into The Walls
3. Into Your Hideout
4. Mercy
5. Fall Down
6. Don't Waste Your Breathe
7. Collide
8. Perfect Thrill
9. Alright
10. Overrated
11. The Travel Song
12. Out On My Feet
13. A Reprise

Sell Control For Life's Speed (2006)

Sell Control For Life's Speed
1. Knife-Grey Sea
2. Barely Listening
3. A Kind Of Hope
4. Over-Ground
5. Don't Stare
6. I Won't Blame You
7. Turn The Lights On
8. Lover Come In
9. Ambulance
10. Hold The Line
11. Into The West
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