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Pillow Fight

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Pillow Fight band 2004

Pillow Fight band photo 2004
from left: Johnny Fancy, Charlie, Pat N. Leather and Frank's Dead

Pillow Fight Biography

Pillow Fight, a female fronted Punk band from Hollywood, California USA, formed during the summer of 2002. After forming, they wrote, recorded and released their self-produced debut album, "We Didn't Come Here To Dance"; the band immediately found a place in the L.A. Punk scene and began playing as many live shows as possible.

After a quick rhythm section line-up change in December 2003, Pillow Fight emerged re-energized and released their second album, "Tomorrow I'm Bringin' A Gun To School". This album quickly reveals Pillow Fight's intentions and their love of what they do. The line-up included Pat N. Leather, Johnny Fancy, Frank's Dead and their leader, Charlie.


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Pillow Fight pictures:

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Tomorrow I'm Bringin' A Gun To School (2004)

Tomorrow I'm Bringin' A Gun To School
1. I Am So Beautiful
2. Why Can't I Grow Up To Be Your Enemy?
3. Tomorrow I'm Bringin' A Gun To School
4. Vegas
5. Friday Night
6. Leader Of The Misfit Toys
7. Rewind
8. Loaded Down On Sunset
9. Evil Alien Vampire
10. Tell Me Why You're Not Punk
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