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Pilot Speed

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Pilot Speed band

Pilot Speed photo 2009

Pilot Speed Biography

Formed in Toronto, CANADA, this Alternative-Rock band began its existence as Pilate comprised of frontman Todd Clark, Chris Greenough on guitar, Ruby Bumrah on bass and Bill Keeley on drums.
In 2006, after one EP and two full-length discs, the band signed with Wind-Up Records for distribution to the U.S. market but was forced to changed their name for legal reasons from Pilate to Pilot Speed.

Pilot Speed's first album, "Into The West", was essentially Pilate's final album, "Sell Control For Life's Speed". The new one, included among the others, the Canadian top 20 hit "Barely Listening" as well as two new tracks.

April 2009 saw the Toronto rockers release "Wooden Bones"; commercially, the album, which featured the single "Put The Phone Down", proved to be less successful than its predecessor.


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Pilot Speed pictures:

  • Pilot Speed 2006 Pilot Speed 2006
    Pilot Speed (formerly Pilate) 2006

Into The West (2006)

Into The West
1. Knife-Grey Sea
2. Barely Listening
3. A Kind Of Hope
4. Over-Ground
5. Don't Stare
6. I Won't Blame You
7. Turn The Lights On
8. Into Your Hideout
9. Alright
10. Ambulance
11. Hold The Line
12. Into The West

Wooden Bones (2009)

Wooden Bones
1. Put The Phone Down
2. Light You Up
3. Bluff
4. Ain't No Life
5. Up On The Bridge
6. Where Does It Begin?
7. What Is Real, What Is Doubt
8. Today I Feel Sure
9. Midnight Fires
10. Wooden Bones
11. Open Arms
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