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Pinback photo 2007

Pinback Biography

The Alternative-Rock Pop-Rock San Diego, California USA-based outfit Pinback began its existence as a side-project at the start of 1998 by multi-instrumentalists 'Zach' Armistead Burwell Smith IV and Robert Rulon Crow.

Adding drummer Tom Zinser and taking their creative time, Pinback recorded, mixed and mastered every song on their debut self-titled album at home on Zach's computer, the new band eventually scored a record deal with Ace Fu Records for worldwide distribution.

During the following years the band toured throughout Western Regions and even Europe; in 2001 Crow and Zach finished recording their long awaited second effort, once again on Zach's personal computer. "Blue Screen Life" was released in October of the same year.

Almost exactly three years later the San Diego's indie act re-emerged with "Summer In Abaddon", an album which came out on Touch & Go label, debuting at #196 on The Billboard Top 200 chart. The disc contained their mainstream semi-hit "Fortress".

In September 2007 Pinback released "Autumn Of The Seraphs", their most successful album to date, as it opened at #69 on The Billboard 200. To promote it, they put together a video for snappy first single "From Nothing To Nowhere".

Pinback's fifth studio album, "Information Retrieved", was issued in October 2012, via Temporary Residence, their new label following the scaled-back operations of old homes Touch & Go and Absolutely Kosher. The disc reached #71 on The Billboard 200.


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Pinback pictures:

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    Rob Crow and Zach, 2004