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Plain White T's

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Plain White T's

Plain White T's photo 2006

Plain White T's Biography

The Alternative-Rock Punk-Pop outfit Plain White T's formed in Chicago, Illinois USA, in 1997 sometime between the summer and fall. Vocalist+guitarist Tom Higgenson and bass player Ken Fletcher had been in a band together and decided to move on and asked friend Dave Tirio to play drums for a power-Pop trio.

After several years of playing every show they could, the band self-released its debut effort, a 13-song record called "Come On Over", which sold over 3,000 copies.
By 2002, they had signed with Fearless Records who released a new album in August; the set, titled "Stop", was promoted by a lengthy tour sharing bills with the likes of Jimmy Eat World, Sum 41 and others.
During the following years, bandmembers came and went until a line-up consisting of Higgenson, Tirio who switched to rhythm guitar, Tim Lopez on guitar, Mike Retondo on bass and De'Mar Hamilton on drums released "All That We Needed" reaching #31 on Billboard's Top Independent Albums chart. Along with their rapidly growing fan base the band had toured heavily, opening for such acts as Sugarcult, Saves The Day and Simple Plan.

Plain White T's third album, "Every Second Counts", was released in September 2006; its first single "Hate (I Really Don't Like You)" reached #25 on The Hot Modern Rock chart. Hollywood Records re-issued the album in February 2007 with an extra track, the smash "Hey There Delilah", the song also featured on the band's second album, peaked at #3 on The Hot Modern Rock chart and hit #1 on The Billboard Hot 100 sending the album into the top 10 of The Billboard 200 Sales list.


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