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Plan B  Rapper

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Plan B Biography

Plan B -- AKA Ben Drew -- was born October 22, 1983 in Forrest Gate, London ENGLAND. Rapping and singing in his own accent, playing his guitar, he began to tell stories about the world he had grown up in. Some songs were written from personal experience, but most involved characters he had invented.

His raw, incendiary debut album, "Who Needs Actions When You Got Words", broke new ground for U.K. Hip-Hop in 2006, a loud, proud, obscenity-riddled scream of anger and pride from the estates of East London.
It also led to acting roles, with Drew playing a bad boy from the estates in Noel Clarke's "Adulthood" in 2008, then another hoodie thug opposite Michael Caine in 2009 British thriller "Harry Brown".

In April 2010 arrived Plan B's sophomore album, "Defamation Of Strickland Banks" which shot to #1 on the U.K. Official Albums chart. The lead-off single, "Stay Too Long", furiously penetrated the British top 10 and in early 2011 pierced the U.S. Alternative top 40 chart.


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Plan B pictures:

  • Plan B rapper MC in 2006 Plan B rapper MC in 2006
    Ben Drew 2006

Who Needs Actions When You Got Words (2006)

Who Needs Actions When You Got Words
1. Kidz
2. Sick 2 Def
3. No Good
4. Dead And Buried
5. Mama (Loves A Crackhead)
6. Charmaine
7. I Don't Hate You
8. Everyday
9. Tough Love
10. Where Ya From?
11. No More Eatin'
12. Missing Links
13. Couldn't Get Along
14. Who Needs Actions When You Got Words

Defamation Of Strickland Banks (2010)

1. Love Goes Down
2. Writing's On The Wall
3. Stay Too Long
4. She Said
5. Welcome To Hell
6. Hard Times
7. The Recluse
8. Traded In My Cigarettes
9. Prayin'
10. Darkest Place
11. Free
12. I Know A Song
13. What You Gonna Do
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