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Pop Evil Biography

The Alternative-Rock post-Grunge band Pop Evil has steadily built a grassroots following since forming in November of 2001. Lead singer Leigh Kakaty, guitarist Dave Grahs, bassist Jamie Nummer and drummer Dylan Allison formed the early stages of the band in Grand Rapids, Michigan USA.

The band released its first album, "War Of The Roses", in June 2004 through Jar'd Star. A 3-song EP entitled "Ready Or Not", followed two years later.
Regional popularity kept Pop Evil on the road and they continued to be offered gigs that they couldn't turn down: they shared bills with Shinedown, Puddle Of Mudd and Trapt.

After Nummer departed the band, in 2007, Pop Evil recruited guitarist Tony Greve and new bassist Matt DiRito to help compliment the band's sound and stage show. They also lay the foundation for their second album, "Lipstick On The Mirror", which reached #12 on the Billboard's Heatseekers chart; it contained four singles, the Active Rock top 40 hit "Hero", "100 In A 55" which peaked at #27 on Billboard's Rock Songs list and at #32 on The Alternative Songs chart and two 2009's minor hits, "Breathe" and "Stepping Stone".

After six months of writing new material, in mid-2010 the Michigan rockers entered the studio to cut their next album, "War Of Angels". The disc, which reached the #43 position on The Billboard 200, was released in July 2011, containing such top 30 Billboard's Rock Songs hits as "Last Man Standing", "Monster You Made" and "Boss's Daughter"; all of these tracks made the Active Rock top 10 and the fourth single off the CD, "Purple", climbed into the top 20 of the same chart.
During 2011 the band line-up was again changed, former drummer Dylan Allison was replaced by Chachi Riot and guitarist Nick Fuelling stepped in for the departed Tony Greve.

Pop Evil issued their next album, "Onyx", in May 2013. The disc broke fast, with two singles, "Trenches" and "Deal With The Devil", becoming #1 hits on The Mainstream Rock chart. "Onyx" peaked at #39 on The Billboard Top 200 Albums list.


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