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Portugal. The Man

Portugal. The Man bio, timeline, discography, pics & more

Portugal. The Man

Portugal. The Man photo 2013

Portugal. The Man Biography

Vocalist + guitarist & songwriter John Baldwin Gourley, his childhood friend Zachary Scott Carotherson on bass and Wes Hubbard on keyboard formed the Alternative-Rock band Portugal. The Man in Wasilla, Alaska USA. After moving to Portland, they were joined by drummer Jason Sechrist and recorded some of their early songs.

Since forming in 2005, they've conceived an album annually, never repeating paces in the process. In early 2006 was released the band's first album, "Waiter: “You Vultures”", on Fearless Records.

Hubbard left the group prior to their second full-length, "Church Mouth", which was released in July 2007.

Portugal. The Man then hired new keyboardist Ryan Neighbors and in September 2008 issued, without outside financial backing and label support, "Censored Colors"; sounding more focused and decisive without sacrificing their experimental nature, this record reached the #33 position on the Billboard's Top Independent Albums chart.

The Alaskans returned in July 2009 with "The Satanic Satanist"; their fourth album eventually landed in the upper reaches of The Billboard 200 and included the band's first radio hit: "People Say", the track hit #16 on The Alternative Songs chart and reached #31 on The Rock Songs list.

"American Ghetto", the next album from Portugal. The Man, arrived in March 2010. In April, they signed with Atlantic Records.

In July 2011 the band released its sixth album, "In The Mountain In The Cloud", which fell just shy of the top 40 of The Billboard 200 and the lead single, "Got It All (This Can't Be Living Now)", grabbed a #38 spot on The Hot Modern Rock chart.

After a major transformation, with a line-up featuring Gourley, Carothers and three new members, guitarist Noah Gersh, keyboardist Kyle O'Quin and drummer Kane Ritchotte, Portugal. The Man issued their next full-length record, "Evil Friends", in June 2013. It debuted at #28 on The Billboard Top 200 Albums chart while the first single, "Purple Yellow Red And Blue", hit #17 on The Alternative Songs list.


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Portugal. The Man pictures:

  • Portugal. The Man band lineup 2007< Portugal. The Man band lineup 2007<
    The band line-up 2007
  • Portugal. The Man lineup 2009 Portugal. The Man lineup 2009
    from left: Zachary Scott Carothers, Ryan Neighbors, Jason Sechrist and John Baldwin Gourley (2009)