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The Power Station

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The Power Station

The Power Station photo 1985

The Power Station Biography

Pop-Rock act formed in late 1984 in New York City when two Duran Duran members, guitarist Andy Taylor and bassist John Taylor decided to start their own project.

The two planned to record an album with more than one singer, they cut a version of T-Rex's "Bang A Gong" with vocalist Robert Palmer and drummer Tony Thompson, but finally this line-up completed all the tracks of the self-titled album which arrived in the spring of 1985. It peaked at #6 on The Billboard Top 200 chart and generated two international smash singles: "Some Like It Hot" and "Get It On (Bang a Gong)", both singles cracked the top 10 of The Billboard Hot 100 and "Some Like It Hot" peaked at #19 on The Mainstream Rock Tracks and "Get It On (Bang a Gong)" reached the #34 spot on the same chart. The final single, "Communication", scraped the lower reaches of the American Top 40.
The Power Station concept was never included a promotional tour but finally the band decided to hit the road, Palmer pulled out just ten days before the first gig; by the end of the two-months U.S. tour the band split up and John Taylor rejoined Duran Duran for their come-back effort "Notorious", while Andy Taylor embarked on solo career.

Ten years later, in autumn of 1996, surprisingly, the original line-up of The Power Station released in Europe and Japan their second LP, "Living In Fear", however the album missed the charts entirely.

Sadly Robert Palmer died at the age 54 of a heart attack in September 2003. Tony Thompson passed away from kidney cancer less than two months later.


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The Power Station (1985)

The Power Station self-titled album
1. Some Like It Hot
2. Murderess
3. Lonely Tonight
4. Communication
5. Get It On (Bang A Gong)
6. Go To Zero
7. Harvest For The World
8. Still In Your Heart

Living In Fear (1996)

Living In Fear
1. Notoriety
2. Scared
3. She Can Rock It
4. Let's Get It On
5. Life Forces
6. Fancy That
7. Living In Fear
8. Shut Up
9. Dope
10. Love Conquers All
11. Taxman
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