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Pride Tiger

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Pride Tiger band

Pride Tiger photo 2007
from left » Mike Payette, Sunny Dhak, Matt Wood & Bob Froese

Pride Tiger Biography

Comprising of Mattsky Wood on vocals + drums, Bob Froese on guitar + backup vocals, Sunny Dhak on guitar and Mike Payette on bass, Pride Tiger started playing parties, particularly at Bloodstone Press, the screenprinting company that they ran in 2004 in Vancouver, British Columbia CANADA.

Releasing a 9-song self-produced CD, they managed to modernize the glorious '70s Rock style. As word spread of Pride Tiger and industry interest was raised, they continued to write songs in their beloved '70s vein; by the summer of 2006, the band signed with EMI Music Canada and did a day's worth of phone calls with producers to source out the best fit for its major label debut. "The Lucky Ones" was eventually released in June of the following year.


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The Lucky Ones (2007)

The Lucky Ones
1. Let'em Go
2. What It Is
3. Fill Me In
4. A Long Way Down
5. The White Witch Woman Blues
6. The Lucky Ones
7. It's Only You
8. No One's Listening
9. Sweet Dreams
10. Wizard's Council
11. Forget Everything
12. A New Jones
13. 56 Days
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