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Priestess band

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Priestess Biography

Priestess was formed in Montreal, Quebec CANADA, in 2003 with a desire to rewire a balls-out late '70s/early '80s arena Rock ethic with classicist Heavy-Metal songwriting. Comprising of singer + guitarist Mikey Heppner, Dan Watchorn on guitar + vocals, Mike Dyball on bass and Vince Nudo on drums, Priestess self-financed their debut album in 2005.

Ten months after "Hello Master" was released in Canada to zero fanfare, a U.S. distribution deal with RCA followed and the four-piece band went straight out on the road with The Bronx. "Lay Down" was the first single released from the CD, but it was "Talk To Her", the most successful song off "Hello Master", the single eventually peaked at #33 on The Hot Mainstream Rock chart.

Priestess returned in early 2010 with its sophomore effort, "Prior To The Fire".


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Hello Master (2006)

Hello Master
1. I Am The Night, Colour Me Black
2. Lay Down
3. Run Home
4. Two Kids
5. Talk To Her
6. Time Will Cut You Down
7. Everything That You Are
8. The Shakes
9. Performance
10. Living Like A Dog
11. No Real Pain
12. Blood

Prior To The Fire (2010)

Prior To The Fire
1. Lady Killer
2. Raccoon Eyes
3. The Firebird
4. Murphy's Law
5. The Gem
6. Communicating Via-Eyes
7. Lunar
8. It Baffles The Mind
9. Sideways Attack
10. We Ride Tonight
11. Trapped In Space And Time
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