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Quietdrive band photo 2010

Quietdrive Biography

Quietdrive's roots can be traced back to Minneapolis, Minnesota USA, in late 2003 after vocalist + guitarist & songwriter Kevin Truckenmiller posted a few MP3s on a local music site. Drummer Brandon Lanier, who had been playing with guitarist Justin Bonhiver and bassist Droo Hastings since grade school, heard the tracks and called. The group was completed when Truckenmiller brought in former college classmate Matt Kirby on guitar.

With line-up intact, the quintet spent the next year and a half sharpening their sound and playing shows on the Midwest club circuit. Gigs with The Donnas and a stint on Warped Tour 2004 came next, followed by a head-turning demo and a deal with Epic.
The band's debut full-length album arrived in May 2006, Quietdrive fully deliver on "When All That's Left Is You", a perfectly paced record of sumptuous Pop hooks, raw Rock thrills and beautifully warm, open-hearted melodies about faith, hope and love; the record, which hit the top 40 of the U.S. Independent Albums chart, contained two singles: "Rise From The Ashes" and the cover of Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time", the latter of which peaked at #25 on the Billboard's Top 40 Mainstream chart.

Two years later and after over 600 performances played, via The Militia Group, Quietdrive issued "Deliverance" reaching the #35 position on the Top Independent Albums chart.

In the fall of 2009, the group, on their own label, released a 7-song set entitled "Close Your Eyes" featuring the single "Jessica".
It was around this time that Matt Kirby decided to drop out of the line-up to manage the group and they soldiered on as a four-piece. Not long after, longtime member Droo Hastings left the fold and the remaining trio took on a replacement, bassist Brice Niehaus and a new second guitarist, Will Caesar.

Quietdrive's self-titled CD, their third studio album and their second released under The Militia Group, arrived in December 2010. It included the single "Way Out".

"Up Or Down" followed in May 2012.


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