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Ra band

Ra band photo 2004

Ra Biography

The origin of the Alternative-Metal band Ra goes back to the mid-'90s when frontman Sahaj Ticotin began writing songs and rehearsing constantly; the real story, however, began in early 2002 in New York City, New York USA, when, assuming the role of lead singer + guitarist, Ticotin teamed-up with guitarist Ben Carroll, bassist Sean Corcoran and drummer Skoota Warner.

The quartet began gigging on the East Coast and in October 2002 issued their debut album, "From One", on Republic/Universal; the record included the first single, "Do You Call My Name", plus their first Mainstream Rock top 30 hit, "Rectifier".
Corcoran left the band during the following year; he was replaced by bass player PJ Farley.

Ra's sophomore release, "Duality", came out in May 2005 reaching #2 on the Billboard's Top Heatseekers Albums chart and the #134 position on The Billboard 200 while the main single, " Fallen Angels", hit #29 on The Mainstream Rock chart.

One and a half year later, the group unleashed "Raw", an independent live album featuring a new studio single: "Don't Turn Away".

Most fans had already figured that that band has broken up and that the new record would never see the light of day, but Ticotin with his own money opened Sahaja Music Records and in September 2008 released "Black Sun". The disc hit #30 on the Top Independent Albums chart and reached the lower regions of The Billboard 200; it included the Active Rock minor hit "Broken Hearted Soul".

In early 2011, Sahaj Ticotin decided to release his first solo single, "Another Minute".


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Ra pictures:

  • Ra band lineup 2002 Ra band lineup 2002
    The band line-up 2002: Sean Corcoran, Skoota Warner, Sahaj Ticotin and Ben Carroll

From One (2002)

From One
1. Do You Call My Name
2. Rectifier
3. Fallen Rock Zone
4. Only
5. On My Side
6. Violator
7. I Believe
8. Parole
9. High Sensitivity
10. Skorn
11. Walking And Thinking
12. Sky

Duality (2005)

1. Fear
2. Fallen Angels
3. Tell Me
4. Take Me Away
5. I Lost Everything Today
6. The Only One
7. Superman
8. Love
9. Say You Will
10. Got Me Going
11. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
12. Far Enough
13. Undertaken
14. Taken
15. Swimming Upstream

Raw [live] (2006)

Raw - live
1. Fallen Angels
2. Rectifier
3. Only
4. Violater
5. Superman
6. I Lost Everything Today
7. Tell Me
8. Sky
9. The Only One
10. Do You Call My Name
11. Skorn
12. Don't Turn Away [NEW STUDIO TRACK]

Black Sun (2008)

Black Sun
1. Broken Hearted Soul
2. Faulty Information
3. The First Step
4. Push
5. Don't Turn Away
6. Lost Along The Way
7. I Believe Again
8. Waste Of Space
9. Genocide
10. A Poets Dream
11. Easier Than This
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