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The Raconteurs

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The Raconteurs

The Raconteurs photo 2008

The Raconteurs Biography

The Raconteurs, an Alternative-Rock made up of friends who came together in the summer of 2004 in Detroit, Michigan USA, features The White Stripes' main man, vocalist + guitarist Jack White, vocalist + guitarist & keyboardist Brendan Benson, bass player Jack Lawrence and drummer Patrick Keeler.

The quartet released their debut full-length disc, "Broken Boy Soldiers", in May 2006; the 10-song set quickly ascended into the top 10 on the North-Ametican charts and hit the top 3 in U.K. while the main single, "Steady, As She Goes", peaked at #1 on The Modern Rock list and grazed the Pop charts all over the world; it was followed by "Level" which crawled up to #7 on The Hot Modern Rock Tracks.

For the second album, The Raconteurs, relocated to Nashville and moved to Warner Brothers Records. "Consolers Of The Lonely" came out in the spring of 2008 peaking at #7 on The Billboard 200 trailed by the Hot Modern Rock top 5 smash single "Salute Your Solution". The second single, "Many Shades Of Black", reached #37 on the same chart.


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The Raconteurs pictures:

  • The Raconteurs band 2006 The Raconteurs band 2006
    Group shot 2006

Broken Boy Soldiers (2006)

Broken Boy Soldiers
1. Steady, As She Goes
2. Hands
3. Broken Boy Soldier
4. Intimate Secretary
5. Together
6. Level
7. Store Bought Bones
8. Yellow Sun
9. Call It A Day
10. Blue Veins

Consolers Of The Lonely (2008)

Consolers Of The Lonely
1. Consoler Of The Lonely
2. Salute Your Solution
3. You Don't Understand Me
4. Old Enough
5. The Switch And The Spur
6. Hold Up
7. Top Yourself
8. Many Shades Of Black
9. Five On The Five
10. Attention
11. Pull This Blanket Off
12. Rich Kid Blues
13. These Stones Will Shout
14. Carolina Drama
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