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Radford band

Radford photo 2006

Radford Biography

This Alternative-Rock project started in 1995 when singer Jonny Mead moved from Oxford, ENGLAND to Los Angeles USA. The Brit rocker then hired guitarist Chris Hower, bassist Bobby Stefano and drummer Kane McGee and finally the California-based quartet signed for RCA Records in 1998.

Two years later followed their self-titled debut full-length CD, it included the single "Don't Stop" which entered The Billboard Modern Rock chart at #32.

After only one album the band broke-up. However, under the name of Radford, in April 2004 Mead released a solo effort entitled "Sleepwalker" via Universal Records.


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Radford (2000)

Radford self-titled album
1. You've Got Friends
2. Closer To Myself
3. Don't Stop
4. Fly
5. Stand On The Moon
6. Come On
7. Overflow
8. Over You
9. Where Do You Go?
10. Ash In My Life
11. How Does It Feel?

Sleepwalker (2004)

1. Therapy (I Don't Need You)
2. Dead Heart
3. Fake A Smile
4. Easier
5. Beautiful
6. Control
7. Out Of The Dark
8. Long Way Down
9. Someone Somewhere
10. Anything
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