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Radiohead photo 2008

Radiohead Biography

The world renowned Alternative-Rock band Radiohead was formed by five friends, vocalist + guitarist Thom Yorke, guitarist Ed O'Brien, guitarist + keyboardist Jonny Greenwood, bassist Colin Greenwood and drummer Phil Selway, who first met at a private boys school, just outside Oxford, ENGLAND.

The quintet started their recording career with a 4-track EP titled "Drill", issued by EMI/Parlophone in early 1992.

They followed it up with their monster hit "Creep"; this single eventually climbed into the top 10 of the Official U.K. chart over the course of 1993. It also reached the top 40 of The Billboard Hot 100 and peaked at #2 on The Modern Rock chart. That spring the band released their debut full-length disc, "Pablo Honey" and decided to support the album with an international tour, opening for Tears For Fears in America; the album reached the #32 slot on The Billboard Top 200 chart and generated another Modern Rock top 30 hit, "Stop Whispering".

Radiohead's second effort, "The Bends", arrived in March 1995, smashing into the top 10 of the U.K. Albums chart and reached the #88 position on the American Billboard Top 200 list while the first single, "High And Dry", debuted at #18 on The Modern Rock chart; the album also included "Fake Plastic Trees", which was one place short of cracking the Billboard's Modern Rock top 10 and a further alt-Rock radio top 40 hit in the form of "Just". The group went on to play in front of countless stadium crowds opened for R.E.M. across Europe.

Two years later, "OK Computer" earned even greater critical and commercial success, the album became an instant #1 in U.K. and on the other side of the Atlantic the disc hit #3 on the Top Canadian Albums chart, peaked at #21 on The Billboard 200 and was later certified double-platinum. The main single, "Karma Police", hit the top 10 in U.K. and peaked at #14 on The Modern Rock chart; the follow-up single, "No Surprises", was another British top 10 hit and "Let Down" crawled up to #29 on the U.S. Modern Rock Tracks.
At the 40th annual Grammy ceremony, "OK Computer" won for Best Alternative Music Performance.

In October of 2000, Radiohead resurfaced with an experimental work entitled "Kid A" which rose to the top position on both U.K. and U.S. Albums charts producing the Modern Rock top 10 hit "Optimistic"; additionally, the full-length went platinum in six months and won them their second Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album.

Eight months later, the band put out their fifth LP, "Amnesiac", although it consists of recordings made during the "Kid A" sessions, the CD went straight to #1 on the British and Canadian Albums charts, falling one slot short of the same position in the States highlighted by the Modern Rock top 30 hit "I Might Be Wrong" as well as other excellent cuts such as "Knives Out" and "The Pyramid Song", #1 and #2, respectively, in Canada.

June 2003 saw the release of the group's sixth studio album, "Hail To The Thief", which shot to #1 in Britain and climbed into the top 3 of the North American charts; it generated the U.K. top 10 hit "There There", this single also earned Radiohead yet another #1 Canadian hit and crested at #14 on the U.S. Modern Rock chart; "Go To Sleep" peaked at #2 in Canada and entered the Modern Rock radio chart south of the border. The final single, "2+2=5", climbed into the U.K. top 20 and also hit #2 on the Canadian Singles chart.
However the band's contract with EMI/Capitol expired.

In mid-2006, Thom Yorke unleashed a surprise by announcing an imminent solo album on Radiohead's weblog; "The Eraser", was eventually released on XL Recordings in July.

"In Rainbows", Radiohead's first album in four years, will hopefully be remembered as the band's first pick-your-price download; it was digitally released in October 2007 and was delivered to retail stores two months later flying straight to #1 in Britain, U.S. and Canada. The first single, "Jigsaw Falling Into Place", broke into the U.K. top 30 and was followed by the most popular "Nude", which reached #21 on the same chart. In the U.S. "Bodysnatchers" breached the Hot Modern Rock chart peaking at #8. "In Rainbows" won a Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album and was even nominated for Album of The Year.

The alt-Rock veterans' eighth studio album, "The King Of Limbs", arrived in February 2011. Lyrically the record harks back to 2001's "Amnesia" and indeed the heavy use of electronic instrumentation and distortion also recalls both "Amnesia" and "Kid A".


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