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Raintime band

Raintime band photo 2007

Raintime Biography

Alternative-Metal Raintime first began as a five-man band, forming in 1999 in Maniago, ITALY, with vocalist + keyboardist Claudio Coassin, guitarists Matteo Di Bon and Francesco Rossi, bassist Michele Colussi and drummer Matteo Barzan.

They recorded an all-instrumental demo-CD titled "Jump In The Past". A few months later Barzan was replaced with Enrico Fabris. In 2004 Rossi left the fold and Carlo Nadalin became the temporary guitar player just before the band entered the studio to record their first full-length disc, "Tales From Sadness"; it was issued on the now defunct Arise Records, in May 2005.
After the recordings, the band's line-up was bolstered with the addition of keybordist Andrea Corona and Raintime found a permanent guitarist in Luca Michael Martina.

In January 2006 the Italian-Metal masterminds released their sophomore album, "Flies & Lies". The CD, which was recorded and mixed at Jailhouse Studios in Horsens, Denmark, was eventually picked up by Florida-based Bieler Bros Records and released in America in August 2007.

The third and final album, "Psychromatic", followed in March 2010.


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Tales From Sadness (2005)

Tales From Sadness
1. Moot-Lie
2. Faithland
3. Creation
4. The Experiment
5. Denied Recollection
6. Chains Of Sadness
7. Using The Light Forevever
8. Daily Execution / Paradox Defeat

Flies & Lies (2006)

Flies & Lies
1. Flies And Lies
2. Rolling Chances
3. Apeiron
4. Rainbringer
5. Finally Me
6. Tears Of Sorrow
7. The Black Well
8. Beat It
9. Another Transition
10. Burning Doll
11. Matrioska

Psychromatic (2010)

1. Fire Ants
2. Turned Up And Down
3. Never Ending Stairway
4. Nothing But A Mistake
5. I Want To Remember
6. Shift
7. Fake Idols
8. Beaten Roads
9. One Day
10. Buried In You
11. Walk-On Actor
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