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Razorlight photo 2006

Razorlight Biography

This Alternative-Rock band came together in London, ENGLAND, in the Summer of 2002, when lead vocalist+guitarist Johnny Borrell met Swedish guitarist Björn Ågren; the pair hooked-up with bass player Carl Dalemo from Lidköping Sweden and Peruvian drummer Christian Smith-Pancorvo.

In autumn of that same year the quartet recorded their first demo and began to do extensive road work in and around London, which ultimately led to a recording contract with Vertigo Records. But the strain began to show on drummer Smith-Pancorvo who announced he was leaving for health reasons in May 2004; Andy Burrows was brought in as a replacement shortly before the release of the band's debut album, "Up All Night". The first single, "Golden Touch", hit #12 on the U.K. National Pop chart propelling the full-length CD into the top 3 of the Official U.K. Albums chart; the record yielded two more top 20 hit singles in "Vice" and "Rip It Up".
In spring 2005 Razorlight released a new single, "Somewhere Else", which was taken from the special tour edition of their million selling debut album; the track rose to #2 on the British Top 40 chart.

Razorlight's eponymously titled sophomore release appeared in July 2006; the album shot to #1 in the U.K. while the first single, "In The Morning", hit the top 3; the follow-up single, "America", soared to the top of the British National chart.

The band's third outing, "Slipway Fires", arrived in November 2008.


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Razorlight pictures:

  • Razorlight band 2004 Razorlight band 2004
    Group shot 2004

Up All Night (2004)

Up All Night
1. Leave Me Alone
2. Rock 'N' Roll Lies
3. Vice
4. Up All Night
5. Which Way Is Out?
6. Rip It Up
7. Dalston
8. Golden Touch
9. Stumble And Fall
10. Get It And Go
11. In The City
12. Hang By, Hang By
13. To The Sea

Somewhere Else [single] (2005)

Somewhere Else - single
1. Somewhere Else
2. Keep The Right Profile

Razorlight (2006)

Razorlight self-titled album
1. In The Morning
2. Who Needs Love?
3. Hold On
4. America
5. Before I Fall To Pieces
6. I Can't Stop This Feeling I've Got
7. Pop Song 2006
8. Kirby's House
9. Back To The Start
10. Los Angeles Waltz

Slipway Fires (2008)

Slipway Fires
1. Wire To Wire
2. Hostage Of Love
3. You And The Rest
4. Tabloid Lover
5. North London Trash
6. 60 Thompson
7. Stinger
8. Burberry Blue Eyes
9. Blood For Wild Blood
10. Monster Boots
11. The House
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