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The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus bio, timeline, discography, pics & more

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus photo 2009

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Biography

The Alternative-Rock combo The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus was formed in Middleburg, Florida USA, in 2003; encouraged by the responses they got from the local scene the guys eventually decided to record an EP to help promote them. After a few changes, the line-up settled down to feature lead singer Ronnie Winter, guitarist + pianist Duke Kitchens, guitarist Elias Reidy, bassist Joey Westwood and drummer Jon Wilkes.

The group's debut full-length album, "Don't You Fake It", came out in July 2006 on Virgin Records and stayed on The Billboard Top 200 for 62 weeks with a peak position at #25. Their first single, "Face Down", was a huge hit, peaking at #3 on The Modern Rock chart; it was follewed by another alt-Rock radio top 40 hit, "False Pretense" and a minor hit, "Your Guardian Angel".

The eagerly-anticipated follow-up to their breakthrough debut, "Lonely Road", was released in February 2009 and quickly bulleted into the top 20 of The Billboard 200 Albums chart led by the blistering first single, "You Better Pray", which held the #17 spot on The Hot Modern Rock chart that January.
Guitarist Elias Reidy left the group just before the release of the sophomore record which generated another Modern Rock top 40 entrant, "Pen And Paper".

More changes in the line-up were to follow for The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Josh Burke was pulled in as the official lead guitarist of the band replacing Duke Kitchens and Randy Winter was added as rhythm guitarist. In August 2011 arrived "Am I The Enemy", which reached #61 on The Billboard 200 and generated an Active Rock top 40 hit with "Reap".


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  • The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus band lineup 2006 The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus band lineup 2006
    The band line-up 2006

Don't You Fake It (2006)

Don't You Fake It
1. In Fate's Hands
2. Waiting
3. False Pretense
4. Face Down
5. Misery Loves Its Company
6. Cat And Mouse
7. Damn Regret
8. Atrophy
9. Seventeen Ain't So Sweet
10. Justify
11. Your Guardian Angel

Lonely Road (2009)

Lonely Road
1. You Better Pray
2. No Spell
3. Pen And Paper
4. Represent
5. Pull Me Back
6. Step Right Up
7. Believe
8. Pleads And Postcards
9. Lonely Roads
10. Senioritis
11. Godspeed

Am I The Enemy (2011)

Am I The Enemy
1. Salvation
2. Reap
3. Wake Me Up
4. Am I The Enemy
5. Dreams
6. Dive Too Deep
7. Where Are The Heroes
8. Angel In Disguise
9. Don't Lose Hope
10. Fall From Grace
11. Choke
12. Reap [radio edit]
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