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Red Line Chemistry

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Red Line Chemistry

Red Line Chemistry photo 2010

Red Line Chemistry Biography

Based in Kansas City, Missouri USA, Red Line Chemistry was originally formed back in 2004 with a line-up that included lead vocalist Brett Ditgen, lead guitarist Andrew Breit, guitarist Dave Fyten, bassist Tom Brown and drummer Mike Mazzarese.
The group has experienced no shortage of difficulties. One such difficulty arrived when the band was forced to change their name from Penumbra to the current due to copyright infringement. When a European band with the namesake received American distribution for their recordings, the Kansas City band received a letter pushing for a name change.

Red Line Chemistry emerged with a demo CD that was immediately embraced by the masses.
Their 2006 full-length disc, "Chemical High & A Hand Grenade", followed suit boasting professional production, crisp dual-guitar riffs and neo-Grunge harmonies.
Over the next few years, the band toured the U.S. playing with a number of national acts including Godsmack, Three Days Grace, Buckcherry, Breaking Benjamin, Sevendust, Chevelle, Puddle Of Mudd, Stone Temple Pilots, Seether and others.

Red Line Chemistry put out their second album, "Dying For A Living", in the summer of 2010. It was prefaced by the lead-off single "Dumb Luck" which spent 14 weeks on the Active Rock chart peaking at #32. The following spring "You Don't Get It" reached the #36 position on the same chart and the third single, "Ultragigantor", also peaked at #32 on the Active Rock list.

When the Missouri quintet began working on a new album, in 2012, they released the single "Unspoken" which managed to rise into the top 40 ot The Hot Mainstream Rock chart. "Tug Of War", the band's second full-length record with Bulldog Productions, came out in April 2013 and produced another solid Active Rock top 40 hit "Paralyzed".


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Red Line Chemistry pictures:

  • Red Line Chemistry band 2006 Red Line Chemistry band 2006
    Group shot 2006

Chemical High & A Hand Grenade (2006)

Chemical High & A Hand Grenade
1. Bullets And Armor
2. Chemical High And A Hand Grenade
3. Thinking Retro Kills
4. The Empty
5. Penny Drama
6. The Soldier
7. Heavy
8. Meds For The Hypocrite
9. Bloodlust
10. Dead In Santa Carla
11. Apology
12. Home

Dying For A Living (2010)

Dying For A Living
1. Vicious Cycles
2. Knock Down Drag Out
3. Dumb Luck
4. Fire Rising
5. You Don't Get It
6. Deja Vu
7. Plastic Masquerade
8. Johnny Come Alive
9. Greed
10. Ultragigantor
11. So Many Days

Tug Of War (2013)

Tug Of War
1. Black Roses
2. Tug Of War
3. Paralyzed
4. Fighter
5. Quiet Hurricane
6. Eyes To The Sky
7. Unspoken
8. Through The Haze
9. Sucker Punch
10. One More Day
11. Fall Of Man
12. What Do You Want From Me
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