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Redlight King

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Redlight King

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Redlight King Biography

Born in Hamilton, Ontario CANADA, Mark Kasperczyk, or Kaz for short, who performs under the moniker Redlight King, started writing early on, recording his first track at age sixteen. But in his teens, music took a back seat to judo. He was good enough for a shot at Canada's Olympic training center to prepare for the 2000 Games. But he didn't make the team.

Kaz returned to music, landing a deal and releasing an album in his native country. Subsequently he headed to California in a rebuilt '49 Mercury pick-up and converted his two-year nightmare into the song cycle that became "Something For The Pain", the disc was finally released in the summer of 2011 on Hollywood Records. For the first single, "Old Man", he not only wanted to create a song that had “the Neil Young flavor” but he also wanted his new tune to include a snippet of Young's timeless classic in the chorus. “Everyone thought I was crazy”, Kaz recalls of the reaction to seeing if Young would allow "Old Man" to be sampled. “Young's lawyers, his manager, his record label, his publisher.. they all said no”, Kaz admits. “But after the legendary Folk-Rock singer + songwriter listened to it once, he said yes”. With its amalgamation of old-time charm and new-age thump, this single is a song that aims to bridge the gap between Classic-Rock purity and present-day Alternative-Rock scene; it soon started to climb the Billboard's Alternative Songs chart reaching the #17 position. The second single, "Bullet In My Hand", had more success on the Active Rock stations peaking at #3 in U.S. and inched in the top 20 in Canada in this charts format. The final single, "Comeback", reached #36 on The Hot Rock Songs list.

The first single from Redlight King's sophomore album was the anthemic track "Born To Rise" which quickly catapulted into the top 10 of the U.S. Active Rock chart and the full-length record, "Irons In The Fire", released in September 2013, reached #152 on The Billboard 200.


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