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Remy Zero Biography

Remy Zero formed in Birmingham, Alabama USA, in 1989 with members Cinjun Tate on vocals + guitar, Jeffrey Cain on lead guitar, Shelby Tate on guitar + keyboards, Cedric LeMoyne on bass guitar and Gregory Slay on drums. The Alternative-Rock quintet was catapulted into the spotlight when Radiohead, so impressed with an early Remy Zero demo they heard, invited the band to open their stateside tour for "The Bends".

After finishing their dates with Radiohead, the band moved to Los Angeles to record their first full album, the self-titled "Remy Zero", which came out on Geffen Records in January 1996.

Two and a half years later, in August 1998, the group issued "Villa Elaine", an album which debuted in the top 40 of the Billboard's Heatseekers chart spawning the Modern and Mainstream Rock top 30 single "Prophecy".

Another three years passed before Remy Zero returned with its third offering, "The Golden Hum"; released through new label, Elektra Records in September 2001, the disc barely cracked the top 20 of the Heatseekers Albums chart and produced the Modern Rock top 30 hit "Save Me".

Drummer Gregory Slay passed away on January 1, 2010, of complications from cystic fibrosis.
On May 22, 2010, Remy Zero played their first show together in eight years as a tribute to Slay in New Orleans, the town where he was born. In September the band released "'Til The End", a new digital single available for free download on their Website; the song appeared on a their limited edition self-titled 7-track EP.


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Remy Zero pictures:

  • Remy Zero late 90s Remy Zero late 90s
    Remy Zero, "Villa Elaine" era

Remy Zero (1996)

Remy Zero self-titled album
1. Temenos (Here Comes The Shakes)
2. Descent
3. Water
4. Gold Star Speaker
5. Twister
6. Chloroform Days
7. Shadowcasting
8. Queen Of Venus
9. Chromosome
10. Christmas

Villa Elaine (1998)

Villa Elaine
1. Hermes Bird
2. Prophecy
3. Life In Rain
4. Hollow
5. Problem
6. Whither Vulcan
7. Gramarye
8. Yellow Light
9. Motorcycle
10. Fair
11. Goodbye Little World

The Golden Hum (2001)

The Golden Hum
1. The Golden Hum
2. Glorious #1
3. Out / In
4. Bitter
5. Perfect Memory
6. Save Me
7. Belong
8. Over The Rails And Hollywood High
9. Smile
10. I'm Not Afraid
11. Impossibility

Remy Zero [EP] (2010)

Remy Zero self-titled EP 2010
1. 'Til The End
2. Nothing Remains
3. Anger
4. Sleeping Ghettos
5. Sleepwalking
6. You Might Be Eternal
7. G. Scott Slay And The Longest Division Of Geologic Time
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