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Revery photo 2005

Revery Biography

The Alternative-Rock band Revery formed in Virginia Beach, Virginia USA, in 2002 by lead singer Jason Martinez, lead guitarist Mike Doyle, guitarist + vocalist John Adkins, bassist Kenny Adcock and drummer David Doyle.

After having performed for almost a year, playing over 100 shows often with such notable acts as Breaking Benjamin, Shinedown, Rob Zombie, Chevelle, Slipknot, Taproot and Fuel the quintet signed to EVO Recordings who released their debut album, "Avarice & Absolution", in November 2005; the CD was supported by the Rock radio single "Popstar Wedding" but failed to achieve commercial success, so completely disheartened did they become that gradually the group disbanded.


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Avarice & Absolution (2005)

Avarice & Absolution
1. Look At What You've Done
2. Sugar Star
3. In The Way She
4. 3 Weeks
5. Popstar Wedding
6. Bleed Alone
7. Walk The World
8. August
9. Penelope
10. Gotta Get 2 U
11. The Truth
12. Secondhand Redemption
13. Which Way To Sunday
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