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Revis band

Revis band photo 2003

Revis Biography

The Alternative-Rock young band-ages 19 to 22, Revis came together in fall of the '90s in Carbondale, Illinois USA, by vocalist Justin Holman, guitarists Robert Davis and Nathaniel Cox, bassist Bob Thiemann and drummer David Piribauer.

The quintet moved to Los Angeles and signed with Epic Records in 2002, a year later they released "Places For Breathing" which entered The Billboard Top 200 Albums chart at #115 and spawned two Rock radio smash singles: "Caught In The Rain" peaked at #8 on The Mainstream Rock chart and debuted into the top 20 of The Modern Rock Tracks, while "Seven" reached the #29 position on The Mainstream Rock list. However, the band was dropped by Epic before a new album could be released and the band literally imploded.

Holman, Davis and Piribauer briefly tried to resurrect the band and a new Revis single titled "A Better Day (Relief)" was released in in July 2010, but it didn't last long.


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Places For Breathing (2003)

Places For Breathing
1. Caught In The Rain
2. Your Wall
3. Spin
4. Seven
5. Straight Jacket Labels
6. Living Rooms
7. Re Use
8. City Beneath
9. Everything After
10. Places For Breathing
11. Look Right Through Me

A Better Day (Relief) [digital single] (2010)

A Better Day (Relief) - single
A Better Day (Relief)
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