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Richy Nix

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Richy Nix Biography

Richy Nix was born on December 11, 1985 in Windsor, Ontario CANADA; his genres of expertise include: Hip-Hop, Alternative-Rock, Rap and Screamo. He took up piano at a young age until he was left without lessons because of an affair with his teacher and mother, which also led to the divorce of his parents. Nix ran a Hip-Hop night at a club when he was 17 years old, in charge of music, acts and bouncers.

In 2003 the singer + songwriter + producer & performer, recorded a full-length album titled "No Romance" and followed it up two years later with a second album simply called "Love". In between these two releases, Richy Nix went through a tough time when his girlfriend of nearly three years suddenly broke off the relationship. Richy had a hard time dealing with the breakup and became seriously depressed and even suicidal. He struggled for months but turned the depression into a great energy that enabled him to write his mouth dropping lines and heart touching melodies.
Over the next five years, he focussed his efforts in the studio with renowned producers and performed live with such band as Silverstein and Pop Evil.

Richy Nix signed to Universal Republic Records in the fall of 2009 to release the EP "Note To Self". The 5-track disc arrived on shelves in March 2010 and the lead single, "In My Head", hit the top 40 of the Alternative Rock chart.


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    Richy Nix 2007

Love (2005)

1. This Gun Is Loaded
2. I'm Here
3. Love
4. History Of A Madman
5. Taking Back Su...
6. Last Call
7. Do It Again
8. I Hate You As Much As You Hate Me (Take 1)
9. Love To Be
10. Up In The Zoo
11. The Fans
12. The Machine
13. I Hate You As Much As You Hate Me (Take 2)
14. She Did It
15. A Rose (For Her Grave)

Note To Self [EP] (2010)

Note To Self - EP
1. Superstar
2. The More I Bleed
3. In My Head
4. Slipping Away
5. Note To Self
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