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Riddlin' Kids

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Riddlin' Kids

Riddlin' Kids photo 2004

Riddlin' Kids Biography

Punk-Pop quartet formed in the late '90s in Austin, Texas USA by two friends, vocalist + guitarist Clint Baker and guitarist Dustin Stroud, the two planned to release the 5-track EP, "Any Day Now", in the meantime completed their new line-up by recruiting bassist Mark Johnson and drummer Dave Keel.

Riddlin' Kids quickly became popular in their native country thanks to the local alt-Rock station and the foursome began sharing stages with major acts like Staind, Ataris and New Found Glory. They eventually inked a deal with Aware/Columbia Records who released the band's debut full-length disc, "Hurry Up And Wait"; the record, which arrived in August of 2002, reached the #84 position on The Billboard Top 200 Albums chart and the lead single, "I Feel Fine", hit #35 on The Modern Rock chart.

The quartet returned in 2004 with their second effort, "Stop The World", before disbanding a year later.


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Hurry Up And Wait (2002)

Hurry Up And Wait
1. Crazy
2. Here We Go Again
3. See The Light
4. Blind
5. I Feel Fine
6. Nowhere To Run
7. Follow Through
8. Take
9. Tina
10. OK
11. Pick Up The Pieces
12. Faithful
13. Can't Think
14. Wasted Away
15. It's The End Of The World As We Know It

Stop The World (2004)

Stop The World
1. Never Live It Down
2. Get To It
3. Stop The World
4. Apology
5. Promise You Anything
6. Talk Of The Town
7. I Want You To Know
8. I Hate You
9. Revenge
10. Turn Around
11. Ship Jumper
12. Just Another Day
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