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Righteous Vendetta

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Righteous Vendetta

Righteous Vendetta band 2013

Righteous Vendetta Biography

Starting in 2008 from a little town of Cody, Wyoming USA, Righteous Vendetta they were soon categorized as a melodic metalcore outfit. The band's first stable line-up featured Ryan Hayes on vocals, Justin Olmstead and Carl Heiman on guitars, Matt Neddermeyer on bass and Isaiah Perez on drums.

Righteous Vendetta put out their first album, "The Dawning", in August 2010, touring extensively to support the material.

In November 2011 the quintet released "Lawless" on Red Cord Records and continued to tour behind their second release. They also supported Hurt and Smile Empty Soul as the first installment in a series of major tours, followed by runs with Trapt, Taproot and 10 Years, playing more than sixty dates with some of the biggest names in modern Hard-Rock.

Righteous Vendetta issued their next album, "The Fire Inside", in October 2013. Recorded at JTW Studios in Milwaukee, the set contains 14 songs including the single "This Pain" which spent over three months in the top 20 of the Billboard's Christian Rock chart.
During this time, the band underwent some line-up changes, as Neddermeyer quit and was replaced by new bass player Riley Haynie; drummer Zack Goggins also came aboard replacing Perez.


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