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Rinôçérôse photo 2005

Rinôçérôse Biography

The Montpellier, FRANCE-based act Rinôçérôse were created by Jean-Philippe Freu and Patrice 'Patou' Carrié in the mid-'90s; founding duo has never hidden their double lives, psychologists by day, musicians by night and the name of the band stems from a rather psychotropic rendering of a rhino done by a psychiatric patient that appealed to the band's aesthetic and outsider status.

Both Freu and Carrié decided to create a unique variety of House music using only guitars, which seemed impossible given the highly electronic or sequenced nature of the genre; they quickly released their eponymous debut EP taking their music on the road with an impressive live line-up: three guitarists, a flutist, a synth player, a bassist, a percussionist and a drummer.
Soon after, the French major-label Pias signed Rinôçérôse and released the 4-track EP "Le Mobilier" in June 1998.
A support gig for Underworld in Paris cemented the group's rather tenuous credentials in the dance world and the band finally delivered their proper full-length debut, "Installation Sonore", to V2 Records in mid-1999.

"Music Kills Me" followed in early 2002 reaching the #22 spot on the Billboard Top Electronic Albums chart.

In September 2005 Rinôçérôse returned with their third full-length CD, "Schizophonia"; this album, which simultaneously mixes energy and electro beats with Rock guitar rage, included the single "Cubicle", the track was used in an iPod advert and hit the top 40 of the U.S. Modern Rock chart.

June 2009 saw the release of the outfit's next album, "Futurinô".


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Installation Sonore (1999)

Installation Sonore
1. La Guitaristic House Organisation
2. Radiocapte
3. Sublimior
4. Le Mobilier
5. 323 Secondes De Musique Répétitive Avec Guitare Espagnole
6. Mes Vacances À Rio
7. Popular Mechanics
8. I Love Ma Guitare
9. « Rock Classics » Volume 1
10. Le Triangle

Music Kills Me (2002)

Music Kills Me
1. Le Rock Summer
2. Music Kills Me
3. It's Time To Go Now!
4. Lost Love
5. Dead Flowers
6. Résurrection D'une Idôle Pop
7. Professeur Suicide
8. No, We Are Not Experienced!
9. Brian Jones: Last Picture
10. Obsèques D'un Guitar Héro
11. Dead Can Dance
12. Highway To Heaven

Schizophonia (2005)

1. Get Ready Now
2. Stop It
3. Bitch
4. Fiction Dancer
5. Skin
6. Pleasure And Pain
7. My Demons
8. Cubicle
9. Fucky Funky Music [Motorcycle Boy version]
10. Fahr Zur Hölle

Futurinô (2009)

1. Panic Attack
2. Time Machine
3. Where You From?
4. Head Like A Volcano
5. Mind City
6. Touch Me
7. The Heroic Sculpture Of "Rinôçérôse"
8. Tomorrow
9. My Cadillac
10. Weekend Of Sin
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