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Rob Dickinson

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Rob Dickinson

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Rob Dickinson Biography

Ex-Catherine Wheel frontman and cousin to Iron Maiden's frontman Bruce Dickinson, singer + guitarist & songwriter Rob Dickinson, was born on July 23, 1965 and raised in Norfolk, ENGLAND. In 1990 he formed the Alternative-Rock band Catherine Wheel that quietly unleashed six brilliant albums throughout the '90s.

Five years after his groundbreaking band stopped making records, in September 2005, Rob Dickinson delivered his first solo album, "Fresh Wine For The Horses", which included the excellent single "My Name Is Love".


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Fresh Wine For The Horses (2005)

Fresh Wine For The Horses
1. My Name Is Love
2. Oceans
3. The Night
4. Mutineer
5. Intelligent People
6. Handsome
7. Bathe Away
8. The Storm
9. Bad Beauty
10. Don't Change
11. Towering And Flowering
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