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Rock Kills Kid

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Rock Kills Kid

Rock Kills Kid photo 2006

Rock Kills Kid Biography

Forming in Los Angeles, California USA, in 2002, the Alternative-Rock combo Rock Kills Kid combined a five-piece crew, fronted by singer + guitarist & songwriter Jeff Tucker. By the end of 2003 the line-up had undergone a series of changes before acquiring its final look with Sean Stopnik on guitar, Reed Calhoun on keyboards, Shawn Dailey on bass and Ian Hendrickson on drums.

Tucker and two of his band-mates recorded a demo, which found its way into the hands of Cali indie Punk label Fearless Records. Fearless signed them and released Rock Kills Kid's self-titled 6-song EP in January 2003.
Two years later the five members went into Hollywood Sound in L.A. to cut their first full-length CD; while recording the album, Rock Kills Kid also performed several shows alongside the likes of She Wants Revenge and Electric Six and eventually signed with Reprise Records in June 2005.

The band's Reprise debut, "Are You Nervous?", was released in April 2006. "Paralyzed", the first single off the CD, spent 18 weeks on The Modern Rock chart peaking at #12 in June 2006; it was followed by the minor hit "Hideaway".


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Rock Kills Kid [EP] (2003)

Rock Kills Kid self-titled EP
1. Dream
2. Immanuel
3. Again
4. Be There
5. Everything To Me
6. Miracle

Are You Nervous? (2006)

Are You Nervous?
1. Paralynzed
2. Hideaway
3. Midnight
4. Are You Nervous?
5. Back To Life
6. Life's A Bitch
7. Run Like Hell
8. Don't Want To Stay
9. I Need You
10. Raise Your Hands
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