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Rooney photo 2010

Rooney Biography

Rooney began as a five-piece Pop-Rock band from Los Angeles, California USA, whose music is reminiscent of artists spanning from the '60s to the present day. Formed in 1999, the group is led by singer + guitarist Robert Carmine, Schwartzman by birth, the younger sibling of Phantom Planet drummer Jason Schwartzman; the line-up was completed by guitarist Taylor Locke, keyboardist Louie Stephens, bassist Matthew Winter and drummer Ned Brower.

After playing the sunset strip clubs and self producing EPs for a couple of years, Rooney supported such mainstream bands as Weezer, The Strokes, Sloan, The Donnas, Travis and many others.
The quintet signed a deal with Geffen Records in the spring of 2002 and released their self-titled debut full-length disc in May 2003; the record reached nearly gold status peaking at #125 on The Billboard Top 200 chart and yielded two minor hit singles including the Billboard's Top 40 Mainstream "I'm Shakin'" and "Simply Because".

Schwartzman and company's long-awaited sophomore effort, "Calling The World", arrived in July 2007; it peaked at #42 on The Billboard 200 and included the infectious single "When Did Your Heart Go Missing?".

Three years later Rooney resurfaced with "Eureka"; the band recorded and produced the album themselves and released the 12-track set on their own new label, California Dreamin' Records through Warner Music Group's Independent Label Group. Bassist Matthew Winter would leave shortly after the album was completed. Preceded by the single "I Can't Get Enough", the disc debuted at #150 on The Billboard 200 Albums list but immediately disappeared from the chart.


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Rooney pictures:

  • Rooney band's lineup 2004 Rooney band's lineup 2004
    Group shot 2004
  • Rooney band lineup 2007 Rooney band lineup 2007
    Rooney band's line-up 2007

Rooney (2003)

Rooney self-titled album
1. Blueside
2. Stay Away
3. If It Were Up To Me
4. I'm A Terrible Person
5. Popstars
6. I'm Shakin'
7. Daisy Duke
8. Sorry Sorry
9. That Girl Has Love
10. Simply Because
11. Losing All Control

Calling The World (2007)

Calling The World
1. Calling The World
2. When Did Your Heart Go Missing?
3. I Should've Been After You
4. Tell Me Soon
5. Don't Come Around Again
6. Are You Afraid?
7. Love Me Or Leave Me
8. Paralyzed
9. What For
10. All In Your Head
11. Believe In Me
12. Help Me Find My Way

Eureka (2010)

1. Holdin' On
2. I Can't Get Enough
3. Only Friend
4. Into The Blue
5. All Or Nothing
6. The Hunch
7. I Don't Wanna Lose You
8. Stars And Stripes
9. Go On
10. You're What I'm Looking For
11. Not In My House
12. Don't Look At Me
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