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Royal Bliss

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Royal Bliss Biography

Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah USA, the Alternative-Rock act Royal Bliss gradually came together in the second half of the '90s, after high school, when guitarist Chris Harding decided to start a band with vocalist Neal Middleton. The two enlisted the help of guitarist Taylor Richards, bassist Brent Bruschke and drummer Jake Smith.

For the next few years the group built up a loyal fan base through extensive touring. Royal Bliss recorded a demo and thanks to their hook-laden songwriting ability, synergy and stage presence they were able to sell over 8,000 CDs on their own.
In 2004, the band started to generate major label interest, but it all came to a halt when Middleton was seriously injured in a near fatal accident that left him paralyzed in a wheel chair. After months of rehabilitation, Middleton miraculously got back on his feet and was able to walk again. The band regrouped and decided to push forward; they headed back into the studio for some of the most intense studio sessions they have ever encountered.
During the recording, tragedy ambushed the band again; Smith flipped his car five times after leaving the studio one night and Harding sliced his face in half while skiing.

After the smoke cleared, Royal Bliss finally released their independent debut, the appropriately titled "After The Chaos II"; the band received rave reviews and played shows across the U.S. supporting artists such as Kid Rock, Maroon 5, Hinder, Three Days Grace and Buckcherry. Released nationwide in May 2006 on The Control Group, an independent record company out of Seattle, the record sold a staggering 12,000 units. That same year Bruschke left the fold to be replaced by new bass player Tommy Mortensen.

In May 2007 Royal Bliss signed to Capitol Music Group, part of EMI Music and began recording their second album, "Life In-Between", which came out in January 2009 reaching the #151 position on The Billboard 200. It contained "Save Me", which earned them some airplay on Alternative-Rock stations and was followed by the less popular single "We Did Nothing Wrong".

After Capitol Records experienced numerous layoffs due to changes in the industry, Royal Bliss parted ways with the label and slimmed down for the band's first album on its own Air Castle Records, "Waiting Out The Storm". Harding and Mortensen have left the band, with new bassist Dwayne Crawford entering the fray. Released in January 2012, the band's third album, featured the Active Rock radio single "I Got This" and the emotive mid-tempo "Crazy".

Latest News:

Royal Bliss have set February 18, 2014, as the release date for their new record, "Chasing The Sun". The disc includes the single "Cry Sister".


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