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Royal Blood

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Royal Blood band

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Royal Blood Biography

Royal Blood are an Alternative-Rock two-piece band formed in 2012 in Brighton, ENGLAND. In November 2013, the duo released a limited press 7-inch single titled "Out Of The Black", that wrings the maximum amount of noise, aggression and pure youthful exuberance out of the most minimal of ingredients, featuring nothing more than Mike Kerr's vocals + bass and Ben Thatcher's drums.

In March 2014 Royal Blood released a 4-song EP entitled "Out Of The Black" via Warner Bros. Records; by this point the title-track started to climb the U.S. Active Rock chart, while the second single, "Little Monster", hit #1 on the U.K. Rock & Metal Singles Top 40 list.


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Out Of The Black [EP] (2014)

Out Of The Black - EP
1. Out Of The Black
2. Little Monster
3. Come On Over
4. Hole
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