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SR-71 band 2004

SR-71 band photo spring 2004

SR-71 Biography

Alternative-Rock quartet hails from Baltimore, Maryland USA, where frontman singer+guitarist Mitch Allan, guitarist Mark Beauchemin, bassist Jeff Reid and drummer Dan Garvin started out in 1998 taking their name from the supersonic Blackbird aircraft and not long after inked a deal with RCA, they released "Now You See Inside" in the summer 2000, their debut album has cracked Billboard's Top 200 helped by the energetic hit single " Right Now" that peaked at #2 on Modern Rock chart, the second single "Politically Correct" reached the #22 in the same list and the album eventually was certified gold for sales of 500,000 copies. Garvin left the band in the middle of the SR-71's first U.S. tour, John Allen stepped in to fill his shoes for the remaining dates and entered the studio for the group's second effort, "Tomorrow", it broke into The Billboard 200 chart but has not achieved the same level of commercial success as its predecessor, only the title-track ranked in the top 20 of The Modern Rock chart.


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Now You See Inside (2000)

Now You See Inside
1. Politically Correct
2. Right Now
3. What A Mess
4. Last Man On The Moon
5. Empty Spaces
6. Another Night Alone
7. Alive
8. Fame (What She's Wanting)
9. Go Away
10. Non-Toxic
11. Paul McCartney

Tomorrow (2002)

1. They All Fall Down
2. Tomorrow
3. My World
4. Hello Hello
5. Truth
6. Goodbye
7. She Was Dead
8. The Best Is Yet To Come
9. Broken Handed
10. Lucky
11. In My Mind
12. Non-Toxic

Here We Go Again (2004)

Here We Go Again
1. Axl Rose
2. In Your Eyes
3. Gone
4. 1985
5. Mosquito
6. Here We Go Again
7. All American
8. Blue Light Special Life
9. 15 Minute Idol
10. The One
11. Everything
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