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Sahaj Ticotin

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Sahaj Ticotin

Sahaj Ticotin photo 2005

Sahaj Ticotin Biography

Sahaj Ticotin was born in New York, USA, to Abe Ticotin, a Jewish used car salesman and Iris Torres, a Puerto Rican educator. Founder and frontman of the Alternative-Metal outfit Ra and after seven years of recording and touring, the band found itself in a deep crossroads. Despite a cult following online, the group struggles to pull in audiences and generate sufficient income as a headline act.

As a result, lead vocalist + guitarist Sahaj Ticotin was winding down activity with Ra and he focused his creative efforts on his solo material.
Four years in the making, his debut solo album was expected out in the spring of 2011, prefaced by the single "Another Minute" which was also the title-track. While Ra fans expected to hear some familiar sounds, Ticotin stressed that the album was a significant change in direction, describing it as a “modern Pop-Rock record”. The full-length disc was finally released in March 2012.


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Another Minute (2012)

Another Minute
1. To Make You Stay
2. Your Eyes, Your Eyes
3. I Fall Down
4. Another Minute
5. Come What May
6. The Willows Weep
7. She's All You'll Ever Need
8. If Only
9. Please Tell Me
10. A Hand On One Eye
11. A Lonely World
12. A Cool Fire
13. Walk Around The Sky
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