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Saving Abel

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Saving Abel

Saving Abel photo 2008

Saving Abel Biography

Hailing from Corinth, Mississippi USA, Saving Abel was founded in late 2004 when vocalist Jared Weeks and guitarist Jason Null met at a concert; the two began writing songs and by early 2005 they were in the studio recording an acoustic demo under the name Shade Of Grace. The demo would earn them the opportunity they had been hoping for and the recognition they deserved. After nearly six months of searching, mutual friend and drummer Blake Dixon joined the group, soon afterwards they recruited guitarist Scott Bartlett; the newest member, bassist Daniel Dwight, completed the line-up.
By blending the individual talents and diverse styles of these five artists, Saving Abel emerged with a unique and original sound, a polished combination of Southern and Alternative-Rock.

In June 2006, the quintet self-released their eponymous debut CD. Dwight was later replaced by new bass player Eric Taylor.

Upon hearing the addictive track, Virgin Records felt so confident in Saving Abel that they snatched them up and sent them into the studio to cut new material including the single "Addicted", which peaked at #2 on The Hot Mainstream Rock chart, at #7 on The Hot Modern Rock Tracks and helped guide their second album, again self-titled, into the top 50 of The Billboard 200 chart. "Addicted" also inched into the top 20 of The Billboard Hot 100 and was followed by two more smashes: "18 Days" hit #6 on The Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks and #10 on alt-Rock airplay chart and "Drowning (Face Down)" rose to #3 on The Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks.

Saving Abel issued their highly anticipated second album, "Miss America", in June 2010. It peaked at #24 on The Billboard Top 200 chart and the first single, "Stupid Girl (Only In Hollywood)", reached #22 on The Rock Songs and #31 on The Alternative airplay charts. The follow-up, "The Sex Is Good", soared to #10 on Billboard's Rock Songs and charmed its way just outside the top 20 of The Alternative Songs chart. The final single from the album was the title-track, it spent a total of nine weeks on The Rock Songs chart with a peak of #36.

In July 2012, the Mississippi rockers returned to the scene with a new record deal and the album titled "Bringing Down The Giant". The disc, released via eOne Music, reached #74 on The Billboard 200; the title-track, which served as the first single off the album, barely sneaked into the The Rock Songs top 40.


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Saving Abel pictures:

  • Saving Abel band 2006 Saving Abel band 2006
    Group shot 2006

Saving Abel (2006)

Saving Abel self-titled album 2006
1. After All
2. Beautiful You
3. Running From You
4. 18 Days
5. Tryin To Clear My Head
6. Drowning (Face Down)
7. Loaded Gun
8. Cut Me Right
9. Tear Myself In Two
10. Storyline

Saving Abel (2008)

Saving Abel self-titled album 2008
1. New Tatoo
2. Addicted
3. She Got Over Me
4. 18 Days
5. Drowning (Face Down)
6. In God's Eyes
7. Sailed Away
8. Beautiful Day
9. Out Of My Face
10. Running From You
11. Beautiful You

Miss America (2010)

Miss America
1. Tap Out
2. Stupid Girl (Only In Hollywood)
3. Contagious
4. The Sex Is Good
5. Bloody Sunday
6. I'm Still Alive
7. Mississippi Moonshine
8. Angel Without Wings
9. Miss America
10. I Need You
11. Hell Of A Ride

Bringing Down The Giant (2012)

Bringing Down The Giant
1. Bringing Down The Giant
2. Michael Jackson's Jacket
3. Amazing
4. Pine Mountain (The Dance Of The Poor Proud Man)
5. You Make Me Sick
6. Pictures Of Elvis
7. New Loser
8. Me And You
9. I'd Do It Again
10. Bittersweet
11. Those Who Wait
12. Parachute
13. Constantly
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