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Secret Machines

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Secret Machines band

Secret Machines photo 2006

Secret Machines Biography

Alternative-Rock band formed in mid-2000 in Dallas, Texas USA by guitarist + vocalist Ben Curtis and his brother, bassist + keyboardist & vocalist Brandon Curtis; the two enlisted the services of guitarist Josh Garza, so, they packed up their things and moved up to Chicago where they quickly got a deal with Ace Fu Records.

In the spring of 2002, the threesome released their debut recording, a 6-track EP called "September 000", then they took the music on the road with constant regional tours throughout Southern California and Texas.
The band relocated to New York where they secured a record contract with Reprise Records who released their first full-length CD, "Now Here Is Nowhere", in May 2004; it reached #33 on the Billboard Top Heatseekers chart, largely on the strength of the sparkling first single "Nowhere Again".

In late April of 2006 Secret Machines' much anticipated second album, "Ten Silver Drops", hit conventional retailers. The set which spreads eight songs over 45 minutes, including the alt-Rock radio single "Lightning Blue Eyes", debuted at #159 on The Billboard Top 200 Albums chart.

A self-titled album followed two years later.


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Secret Machines pictures:

  • Secret Machines band 2004 Secret Machines band 2004
    Group shot 2004

September 000 [EP] (2002)

September 000 - EP
1. Marconi's Radio
2. What Used To Be French
3. Breathe
4. Still See You
5. It's A Bad Wind That Don't Blow Somebody Some Good
6. Marconi's Radio (Again)

Now Here Is Nowhere (2004)

1. First Wave Intact
2. Sad And Lonely
3. The Leaves Are Gone
4. Nowhere Again
5. The Road Leads Where It's Led
6. Pharaoh's Daughter
7. You Are Chains
8. Light's On
9. Now Here Is Nowhere

Ten Silver Drops (2006)

Ten Silver Drops
1. Alone, Jealous And Stoned
2. All At Once (It's Not Important)
3. Lightning Blue Eyes
4. Daddy's In The Doldrums
5. I Hate Pretending
6. Faded Lines
7. I Want To Know If It's Still Possible
8. 1,000 Seconds

Secret Machines (2008)

Secret Machines self-titled album
1. Atomic Heels
2. Last Believer, Drop Dead
3. Have I Run Out
4. Underneath The Concrete
5. Now You're Gone
6. The Walls Are Starting To Crack
7. I Never Thought To Ask
8. The Fire Is Waiting
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