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Seventh Void

Seventh Void bio, timeline, discography, pics & more

Seventh Void

Seventh Void photo 2009
from left: Kenny Hickey, Matt Brown, Hank Hell and Johnny Kelly

Seventh Void Biography

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York USA, the Alternative-Metal project Seventh Void was formed by Type O Negative guitarist + vocalist Kenny Hickey and drummer Johnny Kelly; rounded out by guitarist Matt Brown and bassist Hank Hell, the new band continues Type O's tradition of slow, heavy riffs and existential lyrics, but with a slightly sludgier, “stonier” flavor.

Seventh Void released its debut album, "Heaven Is Gone", in April 2009 through Big Vin Records, the label founded by HELLYEAH and ex-Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott.


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Seventh Void pictures:

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Heaven Is Gone (2009)

Heaven Is Gone
1. Closing In
2. Heaven Is Gone
3. The End Of All Time
4. Broken Sky
5. Killing You Slow
6. Slow Descent
7. Shadow On Me
8. Drown Inside
9. Death Of A Junkie
10. Last Walk In The Light
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