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She Wants Revenge

She Wants Revenge bio, timeline, discography, pics & more

She Wants Revenge

She Wants Revenge photo 2007

She Wants Revenge Biography

Hailing from San Fernando Valley, California USA, the Alternative Electro-Rock act She Wants Revenge is the brainchild of two DJs: singer + guitarist Justin Warfield and bassist + keyboardist Adam 12 -- AKA Adam Bravin --.

Together they opened for the likes of Bloc Party and The Raveonettes and in January 2006 Geffen Records released their self-titled debut album which reached #38 on The Billboard Top 200 chart. They toured extensively through 2006 with Depeche Mode and the first single, "Tear You Apart", peaked at #6 on The Modern Rock chart; this was followed by another Hot Modern Rock top 30 hit, "These Things".

The duo's sophomore album, "This Is Forever", was issued in October 2007, it debuted at #58 on The Billboard 200 but quickly disappeared from the chart and the lead single, "True Romance", was practically ignored by radio stations.

She Wants Revenge's third outing, "Valleyheart", revisited the dark roots of their debut album; it was released in May 2011 reaching the #153 position on The Billboard 200. "Must Be The One" the first single off the disc, failed to dent the charts but its follow-up, "Take The World", went a bit beyond the top 40 of The Alternative Songs chart, at #36.


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She Wants Revenge pictures:

  • She Wants Revenge 2005 She Wants Revenge 2005
    Adam 12 & Justin Warfield (2005)

She Wants Revenge (2006)

She Wants Revenge self-titled album
1. Red Flags And Long Nights
2. These Things
3. I Don't Want To Fall In Love
4. Out Of Control
5. Monologue
6. Broken Promises For Broken Hearts
7. Sister
8. Disconnect
9. Us
10. Someone Must Get Hurt
11. Tear You Apart
12. She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

This Is Forever (2007)

This Is Forever
1. First, Love
2. Written In Blood
3. Walking Away
4. True Romance
5. What I Want
6. It's Just Begun
7. She Will Always Be A Broken Girl
8. This Is The End
9. Checking Out
10. Pretend The World Has Ended
11. Replacement
12. All Those Moments
13. Rachael

Valleyheart (2011)

1. Take The World
2. Kiss Me
3. Up In Flames
4. Must Be The One
5. Not Just A Girl
6. Reasons
7. Little Star
8. Suck It Up
9. Holiday Song
10. Maybe She's Right
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