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Skrape Biography

Alternative-Metal group formed in the late '90s, based in Orlando, Florida USA and comprised of singer Billy Keeton, guitarist Mike Lynchard, guitarist+keyboardist Brian Milner, bassist Pete Sison and drummer Will Hunt. The quintet, after a few showcases, scored a recording deal with RCA that released their debut album "New Killer America", the record cracked The Billboard 200 chart and generated "Waste" and "Isolated" which both entered Mainstream Rock Tracks chart reaching respectively the #29 and #35 spots. Skrape's second effort, "Up The Dose", was issued in October of 2003.


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New Killer America (2001)

New Killer America
1. What You Say
2. Waste
3. Goodbye
4. Isolated
5. Rise
6. Sunshine
7. Rake
8. I Know
9. Kill Control
10. Broken Knees
11. Sleep
12. Blow Up

Up The Dose (2003)

Up The Dose
1. Bleach
2. Stand Up (Summer Song)
3. Up The Dose
4. In The End
5. My Life
6. I Can't Breathe
7. The Ocean
8. Searching For Home
9. Syrup
10. Habit
11. No Respect
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