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Skybombers photo 2010

Skybombers Biography

This Alternative-Rock band from Melbourne, Victoria AUSTRALIA, formerly briefly known as Collusion, initially included Hugh Gurney on vocals + guitar, Sam Bethune on guitar, Ravi Sharma on bass and Scott McMurtrie on drums; they started up whilst all the members were still in high school. Collusion played backyard gigs for family and friends, then hit the pub circuit. By 2006, they had changed their name to Skybombers.

The quartet recorded an EP, "Sirens" and swiftly signed to respected Rock label Albert Music, who issued "Sirens" in April 2007; the 5-song set included the alt-Rock radio single "It Goes Off".
Skybombers then flew to California headlining an outdoor show in the middle of Hollywood for key tastemaker and in October, the band headed back into the studio to cut their debut album, "Take Me To Town", which was released in May 2008. Since their auspicious debut, the band's line-up has expanded and their sound has evolved. The band now consists of core trio Gurney, Bethune and McMurtrie plus new bassist Will Brown and touring keyboardist Luke Carlson; their fan base grew exponentially as tours with Foo Fighters and Flogging Molly followed.

Skybombers issued their sophomore album, "Black Carousel", in March 2011 via 429 Records.


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Skybombers pictures:

  • Skybombers band lineup 2007 Skybombers band lineup 2007
    The band line-up 2007

Sirens [EP] (2007)

Sirens - EP
1. It Goes Off
2. 6 A.M.
3. So Come On
4. Revolution
5. Russian Roulette

Take Me To Town (2008)

Take Me To Town
1. On + On
2. Always Complaining
3. It Goes Off
4. If You Want To Be The One
5. My Morning's Gone
6. Time, Money And Me
7. 1, 2, 4 To The Floor
8. Keys To The City
9. Teenage Dreams
10. Eleanor's Lullaby
11. 6 A.M.
12. Reason To Live

Black Carousel (2011)

Black Carousel
1. Love Me Like You Used To Do
2. Lies
3. Everybody
4. Daylight Savings Season
5. All At Sea
6. I Could Tell You Something
7. Black Carousel
8. Can't Say No
9. One For Two
10. Sister Jealousy
11. Jenny And The Night
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