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Sleeper Agent

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Sleeper Agent

Sleeper Agent photo 2011

Sleeper Agent Biography

The Alternative-Rock Garage-Rock ensemble Sleeper Agent first formed in 2008, in Bowling Green, Kentucky USA, as the drums-and-guitar duo of Justin Wilson and Tony Smith. Vets of hardcore and Rock bands, the two hit it off while working together in a movie theater. The rest of the band assembled serendipitously; Wilson and Smith then met vocalist Alex Kandel, lead guitarist Josh Martin, keyboardist Scott Gardner and bassist Lee Williams to complete the band's line-up.

After the six-piece played their first show together in 2010, they decided to put together an 8-song demo. That recording caught the attention of friends Matt and Brad Shultz of Cage The Elephant and their producer Jay Joyce, who'd go on to produce Sleeper Agent in July 2010 in his Nashville studio. While laying down the tracks for their debut album, the group teamed up with the Shultz's and Ryan Zumwalt's Death Panda imprint leading to a deal with Mom + Pop.
Sleeper Agent released its first full album, "Celabrasion", in September 2011, prefaced by the single "Get It Daddy" that hit #24 on The Alternative Songs chart.

Latest News:

"Waves" is the brand new track from Sleeper Agent's highly-anticipated forthcoming second album and the first through RCA Records. The disc is expected out in early 2014.


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