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Socialburn Biography

The Alternative-Rock foursome Socialburn formed in the small town of Blountstown, Florida USA by singer+guitarist Neil Alday, lead guitarist Chris Cobb, bass player Dusty Price and drummer Brandon Bittner; the guys first met in the mid-'90s while attending high school and after the release of a couple of home-styled CDs, they signed for Elektra Records.

The group unleashed their official debut album, "Where You Are", in February of 2003, it cracked the top 10 of the Billboard Magazine's Heatseekers list and included two singles, "Down" and "Everyone", which both entered The Mainstream Rock chart reaching the #9 and #23 spots, respectively.

In September 2005 Socialburn issued "The Beauty Of Letting Go" on Irock Entertainment; the follow-up to their debut album, included the single "Touch The Sky".


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Where You Are (2003)

Where You Are
1. Break Back
2. Down
3. Ashes
4. Everyone
5. I'm Happy
6. One More Day
7. U
8. Never Be The Same
9. Utopia
10. Vacancy
11. Pretend
12. Stacy

The Beauty Of Letting Go (2005)

The Beauty Of Letting Go
1. Be A Man
2. Touch The Sky
3. Cold Night
4. Get Out Alive
5. Speak Now
6. Ride
7. Paranoid
8. Leaving Song
9. Who Cares
10. Love Hate
11. Out To Sea
12. I'm Happy
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