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Soulidium Biography

Soulidium was formed in late 2005 in Tampa, Florida USA, by singer + songwriter Michael McKnight guitarists AJ Maldonado and Eric Beausoleil, bassist Jake Jaden and drummer Danny Cayocca. The Alternative-Metal quintet began promoting themselves heavily on the internet through MySpace.

Their first official Rock-radio single, "The Light", arrived in April 2007; Soulidium's majorly distributed CD "Children Of Chaos" was released through KnightVision Music two months later.


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Soulidium pictures:

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Children Of Chaos (2007)

Children Of Chaos
1. Soulidification Sequence
2. Trapped
3. The Light
4. Live Forever
5. Drama
6. About You
7. Easy Kind Of Girl
8. Waiting
9. Crucify
10. Jaded Messiah
11. The Big Time
12. Slowly We Die
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