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Sound And Fury

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Sound And Fury photo 2004

Sound And Fury Biography

Based out of Toronto, Ontario CANADA, the Alternative-Rock band Sound And Fury was founded in 2003 by lead vocalist Luke Metcalf; after penning some lyrics and writing basic song structure, Metcalf went about assembling a band, recruiting Griffin on lead guitar, Peter Copp on rhythm guitar, Ken Boehm on bass and Stephan Szczesniak on drums.

In November 2004 the quintet appeared with Vince Neil of Mötley Crüe at Los Angeles' world-famous Key Club for the first 'Legends And Prodigies' concert; soon after this Sound And Fury's debut single, "Troptripical", earned good airplay on Active Rock radio.

The group then temporary changed their name to Edge City Outlaws and re-released their first single re-titling it "Woman And Wine".

Sound And Fury's self-titled first full album was released In June 2008 on the Rebel Youth label.


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Troptripical [single] (2005)

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Sound And Fury (2008)

Sound And Fury self-titled album
1. School's Out
2. Teenage Rampage
3. Can't Get Enough
4. 18
5. Bad Touch
6. Night Of The Ghouls
7. High School Hotbox
8. Runaway Love
9. Supercharged
10. The Stranger
11. Hellhound
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