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Spineshank band 2012

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Spineshank Biography

The Alternative-Metal quartet Spineshank formed in Los Angeles, California USA in 1996. Frontman Jonny Santos, guitarist Mike Sarkisyan, bassist Robert Garcia and drummer Tommy Decker made riveting, gnarling heavy-Rock intertwined with haunting melodies and a brash Industrial aggro sound.

Their first break on the Metal scene came about when they began performing live alongside Fear Factory, their performances were well received and caught the attention of Roadrunner Records who released the group's debut album, "Strictly Diesel", in September 1998.

Spineshank's second effort, 2000's "The Height Of Callousness", cracked The Billboard Top 200 Albums chart at #183, helped by a fairly big hit, the Mainstream Rock top 40 single "New Disease" and the minor hit "Synthetic"; they toured relentlessly in support of the album, sharing the stage with contemporaries such as Disturbed, Mudvayne, (hed) pe and Orgy.

The nu-Metal foursome's next offering, "Self-Destructive Pattern", was issued in September of 2003 peaking at #89 on The Billboard 200 chart. It included the single "Smothered" which was nominated for Best Metal Performance at the 46th annual Grammy Awards.

Two years later Jonny Santos started a new project called Silent Civilian, putting Spineshank on indefinite hiatus.

During 2012 Spineshank's original line-up recorded their fourth album and first for new label Century Media since reuniting in 2008; the disc, titled "Anger Denial Acceptance", was released in June but failed to capture the old fans' interest.


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Spineshank pictures:

  • Spineshank band 2000 Spineshank band 2000
    Group shot 2000
  • Spineshank Spineshank
    Spineshank 2003 L>R: Mike Sarkisyan, Jonny Santos, Robert Garcia & Tommy Decker

Strictly Diesel (1998)

Strictly Diesel
1. Intake
2. Stovebolt
3. Shinebox
4. Where We Fall
5. Detached
6. Slipper
7. 40 Below
8. Strictly Diesel
9. Grey
10. *28
11. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
12. If It Breathes
13. Mend
14. Stain (Start The Machine)

The Height Of Callousness (2000)

The Height Of Callousness
1. Asthmatic
2. The Height Of Callousness
3. Synthetic
4. New Disease
5. (Can't Be) Fixed
6. Cyanide 2600
7. Play God
8. Malnutrition
9. Seamless
10. Negative Space
11. Transparent

Self-Destructive Pattern (2003)

Self-Destructive Pattern
1. Violent Mood Swings
2. Slavery
3. Smothered
4. Consumed (Obsessive Compulsive)
5. Beginning Of The End
6. Forgotton
7. Self-Destructive Pattern
8. Tear Me Down
9. Stillborn
10. Falls Apart
11. Fallback
12. Dead To Me

Anger Denial Acceptance (2012)

Anger Denial Acceptance
1. After The End
2. Nothing Left For Me
3. Anger Denial Acceptance
4. I Want You To Know
5. Murder-Suicide
6. The Endless Disconnect
7. I Am Damage
8. Ploratio Morbus
9. Everything Everyone Everywhere Ends
10. The Reckoning
11. God Complex (Anger)
12. Motive Method Opportunity (Denial)
13. Exit Wounds (Acceptance)
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